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What people say about EPASS

  • “EPASS gets 5 stars and we look forward to many more great years partnering together.”

    Matthew Hillebrand, Principal

    EPASS has been our Computer System for over ten years. The reason we decided on EPASS was the total computer solution for our business. We are able to integrate sales, service and all of our accounting features. They have been continually evolving like us, and have been growing.

    Before deciding on EPASS, we looked at other systems. Many have great options, however they didn’t offer a full solution for our business.. The biggest issue we had with our prior system was inventory management, service and accounting.

    The tools and reports that EPASS offers for inventory management, service and accounting have been invaluable. We have expanded from three retail locations and one warehouse, to 11 locations and 3 warehouses. We have expanded our service team from 5 technicians to 22 with more being added soon. Accounting has been seamless with EPASS, no exporting to another system and the issues that that may present.

    I highly recommend EPASS to anyone looking to improve their business. It works well with SES electronic price tags and integrates with our Brandsource website.

    The team Nick and Ryan have put together are top notch. They can help with any questions and they are always open for suggested upgrades. We have seen a lot of our ideas and those of others be implemented.

    EPASS gets 5 stars and we look forward to many more great years partnering together.

  • “The “E” in EPASS stands for a few things. Excellent service, Efficient functionality, Effective customization and Ever-Expanding updates. It’s pretty much EVERYTHING your business needs from a software provider.”

    Jason Goemans, President

    The “E” in EPASS stands for a few things. Excellent service, Efficient functionality, Effective customization and Ever-Expanding updates. It’s pretty much EVERYTHING your business needs from a software provider.

    Since the mid ‘90s R&D has helped facilitate our growth and success working through all the twists, turns and challenges we’ve thrown at them along the way.

    Nick, Ryan and the team have a proven track record and earned our trust, respect and recommendation. They are considered more like extended family than simply a software provider. We couldn’t imagine any other company offering better value or performance.

  • “If you sell a product of any kind, have service, white goods, brown goods, multiple locations, and want to grow your business EPASS is your partner. With their unbelievable phone and site support, I do not believe you will find a more user-friendly and staff user-friendly, flexible system anywhere on the market.”

    Bruce Johnstone, President

    R&D Business Systems is nothing short of a miracle for us.

    In the early days, we either ran or looked at multiple brands of programs, and nothing was flexible enough to work for us until we found R&D’s PASS system, which we ran for many years.
    We migrated from the original R&D DOS-based PASS system way too late, though. What I mean by that is when EPASS was brought online, we should have upgraded right away! We finally did an upgrade to EPASS in 2016.
    Just that step alone has allowed our business to grow over 500% in the past several years and is growing at an incredible, controlled rate.
    As in any new system, it takes a lot of time and planning, but thanks to their dedicated staff, we were up and running in a short time.
    Our core business is unique in the industry as an installation service.
    EPASS allowed us to create a very special system of make, model, parts, service/labour times that automatically enable us to price the cost of installing all major appliances.
    Thanks to this, we have improved our estimating cost time from multiple hours to mere minutes, allowing us to streamline the process. This has increased our sales 10-fold in just three short years. We now have grown to add a few specialty appliances and other services, from COD to warranty. EPASS and its control was the only way we could grow so fast.

    Parts inventory control, estimating, pricing systems, invoicing, serial inventory, GL, POS, payment integrations, and many other tools. Everything you need in one program, with system security of who can access what part of the program you want.
    This is all just all tip of the iceberg stuff. There is so much control. You dream up the idea of the control you want, and EPASS either has it or can build it in!
    Yes, their programmers can facilitate almost any idea you can dream of!
    But to be honest, I’ll bet your idea is already in the system. I’m finding new parts of it every day.

    It would be impossible to do this with any other program.
    This is due to the fantastic program flexibility of EPASS.
    Add the out-of-this-world phone and site support, and you have a winning combination to grow your business like I am.
    I cannot say enough about how well the program works for us, and how great the staff at R&D are. I constantly rant about them to other business colleagues, but not to my competition. There is no way I want them to know about EPASS!!!!

    If you sell a product of any kind, have service, white goods, brown goods, multiple locations, and want to grow your business EPASS is your partner. With their unbelievable phone and site support, I do not believe you will find a more user-friendly and staff user-friendly, flexible system anywhere on the market.
    And to all the R&D EPASS staff, thanks for taking me from a one-person operation to a million-dollar company. My staff, thank you too.
    I’m looking forward to breaking the ten million dollar ceiling soon!

  • “Having R&D Business Systems is like having your own IT department.”

    Tony DiMassa, President

    Our business is a 23 year old company starting with one person in 1986, we had the same software for the first 20 years. Three years ago we were in search for an upgrade in our software. We had definitely outgrown our current system, now having 9 technicians, the scheduling and routing capabilities of our old system was not accommodating. We actually went to our old system’s software people and they said “I think your business has outgrown our system” which is something I feel we will never hear that from R&D Business Systems.

    After searching many systems, we decided to go with EPASS for many reasons, but I will list a few below.

    1. Ability and Ease of importing our old database into EPASS.
    2. Ability to import business’s that we purchased data into EPASS
    3. Ease of use, easy Windows application (little training needed for employees)
    4. Ability to drag and drop columns, and sort or search easily
    5. Scheduling Service calls is easier (to accommodate customer time frames)
    6. Routing screen along with Mappoint software, easy to track our technicians schedule
    7. EPASS continues to get updates, if you have an idea they consider it for a system improvement, not just your company
    8. EPASS has many built-in reports that help us track our performance
    9. The ability to create mailing lists
    10. EPASS works great with many Windows applications, ie: exporting an invoice to Excel

    Above are just a few reasons, but in our three years of using EPASS we have nothing but good things to say. EPASS software has improved our business!

    R&D Business Systems support has been great, considering we are Appliance Repair People, not computer people, having R&D Business Systems is like having your own IT department. We appreciate their input, the updates and improvements that other companies give them and in turn come to us at Total Appliance Service in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • “You guys are one of the best kept secrets in the industry. It’s time to change that!”

    George Moore, CEO

    Please add this testimonial to your website as a returning satisfied customer! As you know we would have never left R&D after the eight years we were together starting back in 1992 when we first installed the system but our A/R installments were such an integral part of our computer system we felt we had no choice but to leave EPASS to purchase the Storis system. After seven long years of poor, very expensive software support and annual updates with the Storis system, we were so relieved to learn that the EPASS system could now integrate our A/R installments in the new Windows based version! Needless to say we jumped at the chance to return to the “can do” attitude of the EPASS staff! As you all well know, switching computer systems is difficult but you guys got us through it and we are so excited about your new system and the improvements we have made to our company! Let me give you a few brief highlights;

    1. We have reduced our physical inventory process from a full week to just 3 days. (That’s including reconciliation with a .09% inventory loss for the year 2008!) Keep in mind we added two new stores and another $800,000 average in inventory!

    2. Our inventory turns have increased in that same time due to the new reporting features we have added.

    3. In this tight economy we have reduced management staff and re-aligned job responsibilities. This has given our buyers less time to prepare for critical trade markets we attend but your system can produce our buyers book in a few seconds that took more than one week of labor for an office girl with our old Storis system. We’re not panicked any longer prior to our furniture markets! Our factories are amazed by our market books! Our buyers are making better decisions too!

    4. As you know we were one of the first in the nation to add your Mobile Workstation technology. Our sales staff can simply scan merchandise while they are with a customer and add it to their quote. We estimate that this feature alone has reduced the time in our sales cycle by as much as 30%. With a 70,000 sq. ft. store, sales staff and customers would get separated while they went to find an open workstation to check stock. Now they don’t have to leave the customer’s side. They have all the information they need on their palm pilot!

    5. Our wireless system in the Distribution Center was up and running the first week after installation. Storis wanted over $75,000 for this feature alone! (That figure doesn’t even include the annual maintenance agreement expense.) With this new wireless feature we are loading daily deliveries accurately in less time and our drivers are out the door!

    6. Our price tags finally look professional! Storis couldn’t even print these and make them look good. The flexibility and ease here is tremendous. A few clicks and the tag is printed and in color! With the thousands of models that we carry your system makes this huge task efficient, affordable, reliable and more important, doable!!

    It seems like in our business we are never done improving and working to provide our customer’s with the best shopping experience. I’m sure we have many other areas in our company that need improvement but I can assure you that EPASS is an integral part of our success! The flexibility and power your system provides our staff is wonderful! Our doors and phone lines are always open for anyone who would like to see our operation. We have more than paid for our initial investment through just one or two of the improvements listed above. You guys are one of the best kept secrets in the industry. It’s time to change that!

  • “Our growing company has been using EPASS software since 2007. This software has played an integral role in our company expansion into not only parts distribution as well as service companies in multiple cities and states. Their attention to detail and swift support sets them apart. Nick and Ryan truly understand that their success is built on the success of their customer base. Partnership with their customers is not a just theory, but a promise. Big thank you to R&D and their teams for a 14 year partnership and providing a software as a backbone to our business.”

    Ryan Bergo, President

  • “I started my search for another software program in 2005 when I knew that we were outgrowing our current one. After researching all of the programs that were being used in our industry, I settled on EPASS. Totem Appliance went live 15 years ago, and I have never regretted it.
    EPASS has always listened to their users’ wishes, expanded, and added programs as needed, and provided timely support to any of our concerns or issues.
    The user meetings over the years have been invaluable as the broad cross-section of clients shared many valuable tips on using the software and running their businesses. With the world’s current situation, EPASS has allowed Totem to reduce its office requirements and allowed staff and technicians to work remotely.
    I do not have any reservations at all in recommending ePASS to anyone who wants a progressive software company to grow their business with. It has certainly worked well for us.”


  • “With our move over to EPASS they impressed us with their supportive staff that are the best in the industry. Quick and thorough responses to any question or issue our team had!

    Also a big shout out to the programmers and all behind the tech team who helped with our transition over and help with any roadblocks we hit along the way”

    Trevor Drako

  • “We have been using EPASS for over 30 years.
    In that time the importance of a good, functioning software system has become more important than ever.
    EPASS checks all the boxes: well designed with ease of operation (especially for the sales staff), excellent reporting, good customization (if required) but most important great support and service.
    I can’t stress the comfort in knowing Nick and team answer the call and get the problem fixed.
    Compare the cost to the features/benefits your company will enjoy and there is nothing on the market that comes close.”

    James Sayer, President and CEO

  • “Midland Appliance Vancouver has been an EPASS user for over 25 years. We find that their commitment to our industry is invaluable. As the technology and market conditions change, they are there promptly with support.

    Their seasoned staff is available to address concerns and willing to resolve any issues. Their focus and understanding of our industry is first and foremost, which reassures us that we have the right company and product.”

    Tom Hleucka

  • “EPASS has helped us streamline our business greatly. We were looking for a computer program that could incorporate both appliance sales & service and electrical sales & service. EPASS has been the solution for us. It has an excellent inventory system, with all the necessary features to allow for great warranty claim integration. You have everything at your fingertips, from quick invoices to detailed quotes and tracking systems.

    The staff at EPASS are really great also. You have their undivided attention any time you have a question and they will not stop until you have it under control. They are prompt and very open to your ideas and opinions, always looking for ways to make the software exactly what you need. Thanks EPASS & R&D for your technical support and superb product. ”

    Corinne Bott

  • “EPASS system has been very successful…R&D has been very helpful in every way possible. All the team members are rated #1.”

    Bill Pleasants Jr.

  • “EPASS is an excellent system that has allowed us to reach new levels of efficiency throughout our organization, cutting costs, and saving time. The program has an expansive range of functionalities to handle practically every scenario and business need we’ve thrown at it. The R&D support team is super and they are always there for us whenever we have a question or problem. ”

    Garret Hamai

  • “I looked at most of the systems in the furniture industry and there was one big reason we decided to go with EPASS, they are the best at willing to work with their customers. We consider EPASS part of the Del Sol Family and they are always willing to make work all the unique parts of our business. EPASS is an incredible value and it has helped us grow our company year over year since we joined.”

    Alejandro Macias

  • “We are very pleased that we made the move to EPASS. The transition was very smooth and the software provides us with many more options in both sales and service applications. The support staff is friendly, helpful and always only a phone call away. EPASS has been a very positive experience for our business and staff.”

    Colin Humphrey

  • “Over the years I have had software I wrote myself, software off the shelf, and software offered by companies with just one programmer. The EPASS support team of multiple programmers and support personnel gave me the confidence I needed to be sure the software would stay up to date and that I could get immediate help should something go wrong. R&D has never let me down in this regard. Their support is excellent, dependable, prompt and fortunately rarely needed. EPASS will take my company well into the future.”

    Walt Dews

  • “It has been just over 90 days since our conversion from PASS 6.2 to EPASS and I am pleased to tell you the transition has been almost flawless. The overnight switch came off without a hitch and virtually no down time. As you know we had opened a new location just a few months prior to the conversion and our new people were just beginning to get proficient with 6.2 and I anticipated a complete new learning period. To my surprise, all of our people, both new and old were able to jump right-in and run with EPASS. The learning curve was nothing more than a slight bump in the road.

    Our biggest surprise with EPASS was the power of the program and the new things we are able to do. The new report generator is an extremely powerful tool.

    You and your staff are to be congratulated for your swift response to the few issues we had, and your willingness to tailor the system to our specific needs. ”

    Art Noey

  • “As a new user of EPASS, I could not be happier with the product. We recently changed from our old system after 25+ years and to say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. Thanks to Mimi, Melissa, and the rest of the support team the transition has been significantly better than I ever could have imagined and now that I have been up and running for a few months, I cannot believe I ever ran my business without it! EPASS is the perfect fit for our appliance, mattress, and electronics retail sales and works seamlessly with our accounting and service departments as well. I give the software 5 out of 5 stars and I cannot even begin to rate their support as I feel they always go above and beyond to make sure I have all the help I need!”

    David Jones

  • “As our business grew we were looking for a Fully Integrated system that could grow with us and help us manage our business. We needed a company who understood not just the appliance business but service, distribution, and family business.

    EPASS was an easy transition for us. Nick and the entire ePASS team were very supportive during the install and all our daily needs. Their Support Desk is very available and willing to help.

    I would recommend EPASS to anyone who is looking to grow their business with a system that understands the appliance business and all our crazy needs.”

    George Toma

  • “EPass has been a crucial part in streamlining how we do business. What I have found is that most other companies tend to build APIs and integrations first for EPASS, so they are always on the cutting edge for everything. The best part about EPASS is their knowledgeable support team. If they don’t already have it, they have custom developed tailed programs specifically for my business. 5 Stars for my vote!”

    Long Trinh

  • “When I first started using EPASS, I’ll admit I was skeptical. Most other software I’ve worked with in the past made big promises and always failed to deliver. EPASS breaks that mold. It is very powerful, versatile, and highly customizable. It’s the perfect fit for our business. However, my favorite aspect of using the software is the support that comes with it. No one likes when a problem arises, but EPASS’s customer support team are second to none in knowledge and ability. And if you have a question about how to use the program to its fullest, their team is more than happy to help. I have never had a bad experience with R&D Business Systems and strongly recommend EPASS.”

    James Manning, Service Manager

  • “We joined EPASS in the fall of 2015. This was one of the best business decisions that we could have made. Before EPASS, we didn’t have our parts on an inventory system and all of our appliance serial numbers we entered by hand and the run numbers on the model numbers were impossible to keep up with. Also we hand wrote all of our invoices.
    Now ALL of inventory is entered into EPASS and the bar code scanner is able to record the appropriate serial and run numbers.
    The Point-of-sale invoice can commit and release inventory as it is sold, all of which can be recorded into our accounting system.
    We are very pleased that we switched to EPASS and as we continue to grow locations, it sure helps us keep up with inventory and our accounting system a lot better. The staff of EPASS are always helpful in finding a solution to our problems and are willing to work with us if we want to do something outside the norm. Every business is different, but EPASS has the basics and the staff to help us become more efficient and productive in our daily operations.”

    Elaine Patterson

  • “We have been using EPASS at Spicher’s for sales and service of appliances for over 5 years now! It is a tremendous upgrade from our previous software. They are constantly enhancing/adding features, and we receive multiple software updates per year. The reports within the software are very detailed, and I love that they can be customized to our liking. We have recently implemented Credit Card processing that integrates with EPASS. It has been a smooth transition and an awesome feature. Anytime we run into an issue EPASS employees are quick to assist with a call to their office. 10/10 recommend!!”

    Megan Hoover

  • “EPASS has been an integral part of our business for half of a decade and I wish we made the change earlier. Since switching to EPASS we have gained substantial market share, streamlined processes and increased our efficiency to a degree that would have been insurmountable with our previous software program. The benefits and options are boundless, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to an enterprise software program. EPASS remains fluid and is able to adapt to our needs quickly. Simply put, EPASS is a partner we can depend upon”

    Pat Montague

  • “8 years ago, our business was growing, we were expanding our physical locations, and outgrowing our software platform.

    After much research, and comparing several offerings. we decided to implement EPASS. A company-wide software change including POS, accounting, service routing, and the like, can be very disruptive to business. However, our transition went very smoothly.

    Since then the team at EPASS has been growing right along with us. They are continuously upgrading their platform, and offer an industry specific solution that helps us conduct business efficiently and accurately.

    EPASS listens to us and develops software to our specific needs, while listening and reacting to overall industry needs and changes.

    I would highly recommend EPASS as a solid, reliable software suite for running an appliance retail/service company.”

    Jason Agren, President

  • “EPASS has transformed our company. We have moved from a Frankenstein software mashup to a cohesive system of processes which make sense for our industry and our business. From service to sales, all of our teams are now reading from the same sheet of music.”

    Jeff Jaskot

  • “I switched our software to EPASS several years ago and I only have one regret, that I didn’t do it sooner. The software speaks for itself, it’s exceptional. I don’t think you can find a better sales, service, inventory, and accounting software anywhere and it’s not even the software itself that makes it exceptional, it’s the people behind it. Nick, Ryan, and the entire staff are not only experts at what they do, but they are truly customer orientated. EPASS is constantly evolving and improving as business changes and technology changes and it’s all from customer input, fantastic. Bottom line, EPASS made us more efficient, gave us the ability to provide better customer service and yes, more profitable.”

    Richard Stritt, Director of Operaations

  • Three years ago when our retail home furnishings business began the search for new point of sale and inventory management software, we were referred to EPASS by a long-time EPASS client. We are so thankful that initial referral and preliminary conversations ultimately brought us onboard with EPASS. From the outset we found the people behind EPASS to be both capable and considerate. Sometimes experiences with technology providers leave the client feeling like the solution “is what it is, take it or leave it” or that there are expensive upcharges to get the real features that are actually needed for efficiency. Not so with EPASS. From the initial migration of our prior system to their platform to their ongoing quick and personal support, the staff at EPASS truly listen to their client’s needs and wishes and try to find workable and affordable solutions.

    In today’s day and age it is rare to readily be able to discuss support needs quickly with an empathetic technician, and EPASS excels in this regard. EPASS also has avenues where new client ideas can be integrated into the system through affordable custom programming tailored to the needs of the client.

    EPASS truly is a “hidden gem” that has made our business better, and we believe it will continue to do so as both our business and EPASS grow and develop together in the years to come.

    Sam Fischer

  • “When KAM decided it needed to upgrade its enterprise software we wanted a system that could integrate with POS payments, suppliers, our website and enterprise communications. We wanted a system which we could configure to our business rules. We wanted a systems provider who would partner with us on systems development and provide best in class support. We found such a system and partner with EPass. The growth that KAM has enjoyed since installation would not have been possible without this partnership.”

    John Gralton

  • “Switching my appliances store’s point of sale system over to EPass was the best business decision I have ever made. In the appliance industry, EPass is by far the most robust and flexible program on the market. Having the Sales, Service, and Accounting departments all linked together in one place is a gamechanger. EPASS streamlines all aspects of the business, creates a clean workflow, and what would take hours to accomplish is now done in a few clicks.

    We all know the pandemic and supply chain issues have created endless business challenges. However, during these times, we have actually been able to grow as a business, manage orders and inventory, and easily track financials. All of this would have been nearly impossible without EPASS. I can’t recommend the program enough.”

    Jessica Burzycki

  • “Choosing a new computer system should not be taking lightly. We’ve been using EPASS since 2008 and it has transformed our business. We now have the ability to add as many locations as become available to us. The tech team at EPASS answers all our questions and finds solutions to tailor my specific needs. Plus, they have the ability to integrate into my e-commerce side! I’m a huge fan of this company!”

    Andrea Langeliers

  • “We have been working with EPASS since 2020, and cannot say enough to recommend them.  We are in the appliance and furniture business and they have far surpassed our expectations as to what the system will do.   Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process.  They are always readily available to handle our issues – communication is top class!  They have become a trusted partner that we can absolutely count on.  We recommend EPASS to anyone looking for outstanding quality services, delivered in a professional manner.

    Tammy Bonovich, Owner/Business Manager