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These aren’t your average services


How can you harness the full power of EPASS? Based on how your company operates, our team will help configure your new ERP system to suit your business and optimize the flow, from point-of-entry to financial analysis. We also make training work for you. You can continue to work on your day-to-day business needs while implementing EPASS by choosing between our online training or on-site facilitation options.

Launch assistance

We’re right there with you. When you decide it’s time to take things live, our training and technical support team is at the ready to ensure your transition to EPASS is successful. If there are any bumps, the full power of our team is available to smooth things out and get things on track ASAP.

24/7/365 support

Is there anything more to say here? 24/7/365. It’s what we call premier support—but it’s for everyone. Our technicians are career IT professionals located in North America and you can call in or email to connect anytime. We have live agents available during business hours and on-call support after-hours. Our support is unlimited. Ask as many questions as you want!

Ongoing support

End-to-end support and guidance—when, how, and wherever you need it. Need more assistance to get comfortable with EPASS? We’re there. Refresher training? We got you. Ready for an advanced dive? Let’s get to work. No company implements everything off-the-bat, and when you’re ready, we’re here to help you uncover the full potential of EPASS.


New to EPASS or one of our tech vets? There is always something to learn. Our consulting services are expandable. From a few hours to review specific parts of the system complete with reporting and recommendations to spending several days on-site working with your team, we create plans to make sure your team is using EPASS to its fullest.

REQUEST A DEMO Experience the power of solutions

Schedule a demo and see how EPASS is right for your business. Our demo will give you a tour of what our enterprise software can accomplish (we’re telling you, it’s a lot). It’s incredibly simple and highly customizable. You can do it all, you just need a brand new way