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Hi. We’re EPASS.

Young caucasian female programmer in glasses writes program code on a laptop computer.

Our Story Enterprise software wizards

We’ve been solutions-driven since the 1970s (back when we were known as R&D Business Systems). Where others stuck to the status quo, we confidently pivoted and developed innovative products driven by you. Solutions are our specialty. We’re never done creating even better appliance, electronic, and furniture enterprise software. We’re also never done supporting it—day, night, or weekends, we’re there.

Core Values The heart of EPASS is people

Building amazing tech is what we do. We want to make people’s lives easier with custom appliance sales and service software—smooth out those day-to-day headaches and make your day a bit better.

It’s our number one priority (besides innovation, obviously!).

  1. We lead with service We’re an unstoppable partner—at our core we believe there is no company quite like yours which is why we don’t push a single solution. We innovate, creating what your company needs. Did we mention we also support it 24/7?
  2. We value relationships People—not sales. That’s our motto. Building relationships is the foundation of our business and helping people is who we are. When you know a company, you know what they need and can solve their pain points.
  3. We live on the edgeIt’s alright. Okay. It’ll do. Good enough—we don’t think so. We’re not providing a service based on asking you to settle. No. We’re innovators, problem solvers, and creators ready to think differently to develop the best solution for your company.

Request A DemoExperience the power of solutions

Schedule a demo and see how EPASS is right for your business. Our demo will give you a tour of what our enterprise software can accomplish (we’re telling you, it’s a lot). It’s incredibly simple and highly customizable.

You can do it all, you just need a brand new way.