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EPASS Reports

Data-Driven ReportingThe information you’re looking for is right here

Web-based reporting streamlines your processes and makes everyone using EPASS software more efficient. Our reporting tool is purpose-built for accessing and enhancing EPASS reporting functionality, and is jampacked with useful features developed from years of identifying industry and company needs.

FEATURES Fuel your reporting capabilities with EPASS

  • User Friendly

    Our modern interface simplifies interacting with reports and new reporting features. You can create and maintain personalized reports. You also have easy access to your history so you can see all the reports you’ve run.

  • Bookmarking

    Our new bookmark feature allows users to save commonly selected parameters and then run these reports using the saved values with a single click.

  • Intuitive Functionality

    Schedule reports to print in the future or on a reoccurring basis. You can also distribute reports to a selected group of persons, or to an entire team, and generate report descriptions for every report, including custom reports that you add.

  • “Bursting” a Report

    Generate and send a unique variation of a report to each recipient. Imagine sending your
    entire sales team their own individual copies of their commission report with a single click!

  • Web Integration

    Access reports, no matter where you are! With EPASS, you have mobile access to reports and enhanced features. You can configure, print, and view the ePASS reports you are familiar with from your chosen web browser.

  • Compatible with Crystal Reports

    Seamlessly incorporate Crystal Reports custom reports, and assign security just like any other ePASS report.

Request A DemoExperience the power of solutions

Schedule a demo and see how EPASS is right for your business. Our demo will give you a tour of what our enterprise software can accomplish (we’re telling you, it’s a lot). It’s incredibly simple and highly customizable.

You can do it all, you just need a brand new way.