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NewsSoftware Coming Soon: EPASS Click to Pay!

Feb 13, 2024

EPASS Click to Pay is an exciting new feature that enables you to generate a link to a cloud-hosted payment portal where your customers can pay for their orders.

Click to Pay is fully integrated into EPASS and payments are automatically added to the customer’s invoice! With Click to Pay, you’ll no longer have to look at a report or get individual emails for each payment made through your website.

Use the Payment Link in an Email, Text, or on your Website

You can use the Click to Pay link in several ways: 

  • Include it in an email or batch email along with delivery or service notifications.
  • Add it to an individual or batch text message
  • Embed the link in a button on your website and direct customers there to make payment.

A Secure and Cloud-Hosted Service

Click to Pay is a cloud-hosted service using Microsoft Azure, so there is no need to configure and host the payment portal yourself. Once a customer has submitted payment, it’s sent to your EPASS system via our xAPI and is automatically added to the invoice. 

Click to Pay is Coming Soon!*

Click to Pay is currently in testing, but will be available soon for all EPASS Pay customers.

Be one of the first to start using Click to Pay as soon as it’s ready by contacting us today! 

* EPASS Pay and EPASS Click to Pay are currently not available in Canada, but will be available soon.