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Your Mobile Salesperson


There are no limits to what your salespeople can accomplish with the EPASS Mobile Salesperson app. Instant access to pricing and availability simplifies workflow and improves customer experience: our app can quote prices, see what you have in stock, add product to the shopping cart, check delivery schedules and so much more.

FEATURES EPASS Mobile Salesperson at Work

  • Improved Customer Service

    With the click of a button, your salespeople can check pricing and availably, write quotes, check the delivery schedule, and more, without ever leaving the customer. Those mishaps where you forget who you were talking to or can’t find the customer once you have the answer? Problem solved.

  • Robust Functionality

    The EPASS Mobile Salesperson app has all of the same functionality as our warehouse scanners. From the app, you can complete shipping, receiving, transfers, count, and inventory inquiries.

  • Compatible

    Our app works on every device. Designed to perform on every operating system and routinely updated, you’ll never be without your EPASS Mobile Salesperson.

  • EPASS Messaging

    Check your inbox, set reminders, and send messages, all within EPASS’s integrated messaging.

  • Up Management

    EPASS can track which salesperson is “up” next—perfect for busy sales floors—taking into account their start time and breaks.

Request A DemoExperience the power of solutions

Schedule a demo and see how EPASS is right for your business. Our demo will give you a tour of what our enterprise software can accomplish (we’re telling you, it’s a lot). It’s incredibly simple and highly customizable.

You can do it all, you just need a brand new way.