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EPASS Enterprise

WHY EPASS ENTERPRISE Supercharging your salespeople

All your business needs. All in one point of sale system. Our tech is your salesperson’s ultimate tool—from point of sale all the way through to delivery. Here’s the thing: we couldn’t cram all the features EPASS Enterprise has onto this page. It’s been evolving for over 40 years. Complete with build-outs and customizations, we’ve developed solutions to anticipate your needs and create the best possible POS system for your industry. You’ll have to take it for a test drive to understand its power, but here are some top reasons to consider our technology:

FEATURES Power everything

  • Sales & Service–Seamlessly in One System

    A full suite of tools to handle both Sales and Service departments. The ability to easily find the customer’s sales, warranty and previous service history when creating the service ticket is invaluable in every service company’s goal to attain as many “1st call completes.”

  • Purchasing Tools

    The ability to easily see what is needed for just in time ordering–customer fulfillment, reporting on min/max levels and what is needed for stock, forecasting PO’s to suppliers, and making better buying decisions based on historical purchasing analysis.

  • Fully Integrated Accounting

    All of your receivables, payables, check printing, financials, and P&L’s are part of EPASS–no exporting to another accounting system (although you can do that too if you prefer).

  • Multi Branch/Profit Center Setup

    Easily setup and control multiple branches to obtain accurate profit and loss financial statements per branch. Restrict or allow as much flexibility within the branches based on departments, sales divisions and the over 1400+ securities

  • Tool Box

    Various tools to make the job easier, including: copying, splitting, and merging invoices, splitting history, merging accounts, and more. Notepads and audit trails to track everything that has happened with a sale or job.

  • Signature Capture

    Capture the customer signature electronically for all special orders, damaged product, company terms, delivery conditions, and any other situation where you want to get initials or a signature.

Request A DemoExperience the power of solutions

Schedule a demo and see how EPASS is right for your business. Our demo will give you a tour of what our enterprise software can accomplish (we’re telling you, it’s a lot). It’s incredibly simple and highly customizable.

You can do it all, you just need a brand new way.