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News Integrated Credit Card Processing

Apr 04, 2022

Are you still using a counter-top terminal to process your credit cards? Did you know that EPASS supports integrated credit card processing and it can save you money on bank fees? One of our credit card processing partners, SōBōNet, has produced a short video highlighting the benefits of using integrated credit card processing with EPASS.

As you can see in the video, there are several advantages to using integrated credit card processing. 

Eliminate Double-entry of Credit Card Information 

The chance of sales staff entering a customer’s payment information incorrectly increases dramatically when you’re not using integrated credit card processing. This is because your staff needs to enter payment info both manually into your credit card terminal and into EPASS. With integrated processing, the payment info is entered automatically in EPASS and only once – when the customer pays! This reduces unnecessary work for your staff and helps to eliminate the double-entry of payment info.  

Save Credit Card Info Securely and Meet PCI Compliance 

Using a credit card processor with EPASS, such as SOBONET, allows you to meet PCI compliance by saving credit card data on their secured network. What this means is that if you’re using EPASS, you can securely save a customer’s card info and quickly recall it the next time the customer makes a purchase. Absolutely no credit card numbers are ever stored in EPASS or on your computer system. 

Invoice Data = Less Fees! 

Counter-top terminals only pass through the card number, expiry date, and dollar amount of purchases. But integrated credit card processing with EPASS pulls data directly from the sales invoice and passes it through to the card-issuing bank. Many banks offer a reduction on fees if this information is passed to them during purchase. Integrated processing not only makes credit card payment easy and convenient, but it’s also great for your bottom-line! 

For more information about integrated credit card processing through EPASS, contact or our partners, Sobonet at