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NewsUpdates EPASS User Meeting: September Update

Sep 07, 2022

It’s almost Fall, and what’s better than the return of pumpkin spice in everything? How about the return of the EPASS User Meeting! Time is running out, so if you haven’t registered yet to join us this October in Denver, do it today and don’t miss out on four days of networking, events, and everything EPASS! This year, we have a great lineup of informative speakers and workshops for you where we’ll cover EPASS fundamentals, such as: 

Following-up with Customers 

Is it a challenge for your sales staff to conduct a proper follow-up with their customers? In this session, we’ll show you how EPASS can schedule follow-up appointments to make this simple but essential task easier to manage.  

Advanced Crystal Reports Workshop 

Need more out of your reporting? Led by Nick Faiola, this workshop will teach you advanced SQL techniques by showing you how to modify a selection of reports.     

Mobile Tech Fundamentals 

This session will act as a re-introduction and refresher for our Mobile Tech platform by covering some of the basics as well as new features that have been added.  

Things to Do in Denver 

In addition to a full daily schedule and our hosted evening event on Thursday, there’s lots to do during your stay in Denver! October is a perfect month to visit as there are several walking “ghost tours” throughout the city. If you like walking minus the ghosts, there are many hiking trails in and around the Denver area. And if you want more excitement, the Denver Broncos will be playing a home game against the NY Jets on Oct. 23rd. What could be more exciting than watching the Jets get destroyed? (Apologies to any Jets fans).  

Register Today!  

Don’t miss out! We want to see you in Denver next month, so register today and receive your special EPASS user accommodation rate!